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Fashion and things of beauty have nothing to do with politics, they are about freedom of self expression - ones ideas, thoughts and statements. This is why MARDO._ team  cannot stand watching how people who state their civil position are being tried, beaten over the head by police batons or held in isolation from their families and beloved ones.

So we decided to resume the sale of our tees with «war is a whore» slogan, from which the brand started over and which is unfortunately so relevant for Russia today.

30% from the sale of each tee will be transferred to the OVD info fund to support political prisoners. Or you can instead of buying the tee transfer its cost directly to the fund, we will be pleased with either of your decisions.

Transfer screenshot will be sent to each buyer via e-mail after the order is shipped.

The order can be placed already now and we will send to you in 5 working days

We live to love, be happy and be heard and nobody can take this rights from us.